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Time to smell the flowers – Choosing your wedding bouquet

You’ve arranged the venue. You’ve purchased the dress. The next big decision is ‘What flowers should I have for my wedding?’ It’s a detail that’s worth taking time to think about. After all, your bouquet is going to be in almost all of your wedding photographs.

Wedding bouquets are highly essential for a wedding. It sets tone in a wedding. Bouquets come in so many different types. If you are looking for a perfect bouquet to be used on your wedding, this article can give you some good advice.

Cascade bouquets possess an outstanding representation. Generally, they are planned to be similar to a blossoms’ waterfall. There is no doubt that these bouquets are captivating. The cascade bouquet is larger than most types of bouquets. Thus, it looks really lovely on brides who are tall and are wearing a dress with slight detail. If you are selecting a cascade bouquet, you must consider whether it matches the color and the size of the dress you are wearing. Cascade bouquets are a combination of different flowers such as orchids, calla lilies, stephanotis, and greenery.

The hand-tied bouquets are commonly seen on summer weddings or ceremonies that are taking place outdoors. This style bouquet is definitely inspired by nature. It’s a simple bouquet that ties the flower blooms altogether. Flowers are often tied either by ribbon or twine. Tied bouquets are also ideal because they have a high range of adaptability. They suit either a formal or an informal wedding. You can incorporate flowers such as chrysanthemum, sunflowers, roses or peonies for a great hand-tied look.

The over arm bouquet looks very modern. It has a simple and elegant appearance and is suitable for any kind of wedding. The over the arm bouquet is often made up of long-stemmed flowers like calla lilies, tulips, sunflowers, orchids or roses. Flowers are wrapped together with the use of a ribbon or twine.

Posy bouquet is composed of smaller flowers. This is often intended for bridesmaids and flower girls. Some flowers used for this kind of bouquet are lily of the valley, hydrangeas, baby’s breath and spray roses. An alternative style for posy bouquet is the incorporation of some larger flowers to make focal points throughout the bouquet. This can also balance the color scheme.

Round flower wedding bouquets are often used as bridal flowers. This bouquet has a similar characteristics as the posy bouquet, however, it can be much larger in size. It often uses flowers like gerberas and roses. This kind of bouquet is also ideal for both formal and casual wedding.

If you need any help deciding what flowers, decor or invitations you will need for your wedding, please contact us. Event planning, photography and design is what we do best! If you are in the Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska area, and planning a wedding – contact LimeLight Expressions for all of your wedding needs. LimeLightExpressions.com

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Schedule A Fall Family Photography Session with LimeLight Expressions!

As much as we love summer, I think Fall must be one of our favorite seasons! We love the mild, windy weather, right before it turns really cold as well as the the beautiful red, gold and orange colors on the trees. It’s a great season for taking photographs of your child too, so in order to make the most of this beautiful time of year here’s a little checklist of some ideas for fall photo sessions! If you would like to schedule a Fall photo session, call LimeLight Expressions! We would love to photograph your family in the beautiful colors of Fall!

  • Standing or sitting under a fall-colored tree
  • Kicking a pile of leaves
  • All wrapped up in a cosy sweater and hat
  • Silhouette at fall sunset
  • Throwing leaves up into the air
  • Looking at the fall colors through a window
  • Sitting under an apple tree with the fallen apples
  • Lying back in the leaves
  • Child doing a leaf angel
  • Playing in a golden wheat field
  • With a basket or crate of apples, pumpkins or corn
  • Running through a patch of dry leaves
  • Playing out in the first frost

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