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Bridal Trends for 2015

Today’s fashion-forward brides are ready and looking for something new and exciting for the 2015 season. This year at the Bridal Fashion Week for 2015, the designers delivered the goods. Good news, 2015 will be the season of beautiful wedding gowns, ones that remind us of a fairy tale fantasy, with Victorian era hand detail and 1920’s glamour and decadence. Here are the three, gotta know trends – topping the 2015 list of must have wedding gowns.

1.) Off the shoulder gowns: Designed for women who want to emphasize their collarbone, neck and shoulders, the “off the shoulder” neckline is very feminine and timeless. An off the shoulder gown has that princess quality. It’s easy to understand why the off the shoulder gowns have found their way back onto high fashion and bridal runways throughout the decades.

2.) Illusion back gowns: Are detailed to give the idea of a totally open back – to a more covered back, with just a hint of allure. Illusion backs mostly come in lace or “tattoo” lace, which is a floral image or pattern applique, overlaid on mesh. The illusion back gowns are beautiful and detailed, reminiscent of the 1920’s, and add elegance to any bride’s gown.

3.) Pearl detailed gowns: Pearls can be a dramatic, classic and versatile detail for any wedding dress. This season, look for pearl detailed mesh backs, which was all over the runway for 2015. Pearl chandelier style shoulder straps, which look like pearl sleeves, have that hint of the classic 1920’s look too. The pearl sleeves, paired with gloves, is truly glamour to the fullest.

Tips for a great summer family reunion




Summer is a great time to celebrate what makes your family special. Family reunions can be a memorable and stress-free experience with some early planning and organizing. Here are some tips to get started:

Determine your size:  Inviting the entire clan, or just a few close aunts, uncles and cousins that you haven’t seen in a while? Your group size will determine the type of event you are planning as well as the location you can have it at.

Pick a date and location: By using group scheduling tool such as Doodle , you can identify a date that works for the majority of invitees. Once a date is secured, then you can decide on a location. Depending on how your family feels, would it be better to have a backyard BBQ or to meet at a public park? In case of bad weather, plan a backup location so the party isn’t ruined.

Ask for help:  Assign your family volunteers to different tasks that play to their strengths.  Don’t let someone try to take on too many things to where they cannot get everything done or purchased.

Pick a theme: What is worth celebrating recently, such as a new baby in the family or someone’s birthday; or are you just simply celebrating your family’s culture or heritage? If your reunion is to go on a cruise, you could try encouraging the family to dress all as pirates just to spice things up. The theme can help you figure out what types of games and activities are to go on at the reunion.  Even the food could be catered to the theme.

Activities: Are there a lot of children attending? If they aren’t happy, no one will be, so plan activities that cater to each age group of the kids attending. Make sure that the games are safe for the smaller children attending the reunion. Consider arts and crafts, coloring books, movie time, or a possible entertainer such as a clown. The pool is always a great way to keep children entertained, but be sure there are adults present so everyone is safe while having fun.
Other activities could include three-legged races, softball, volleyball, or whatever sport or game your family really enjoys. Consider putting on a talent show, hosting an eating contest, having a gift exchange, or even burying a time capsule with family member belongings to be unearthed at each reunion.

Plan the food: The family get-together usually revolves around a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy. If there are certain foods that hold special meaning to your family, a reunion is the perfect time to serve them. This holiday cookout collection from TasteBook contains recipes for the grill, picnic salads, summer desserts and more.

To make your reunion memorable, try using the custom cookbook from TasteBook. Have the group submit family recipes to create a cookbook for everyone that attends the reunion.

Don’t forget the camera: With most family reunions, it is hard to say when you will all be together next. Take plenty of photos. This allows you to photograph the children to see them growing from reunion to reunion. Also, for those who are getting older, it is always best to get family photos to have memories for a lifetime. You could also take video, add some photos and make a homemade video to share with the whole family. Capturing photos of these events will allow everyone to be able to enjoy the memories from wherever they are.

How to have the best catering experience for your wedding


The guests at your wedding will remember lots of things about your big day – the wedding dress, the speeches, your venue and the food. Did you know that the catering will likely be the biggest expense for your wedding?

Hear are some tips for getting the most out of your catering experience.

If you are thinking of doing the catering yourself, then think about hiring some staff to serve and clear up for you. It will be money well spent and will allow all your guests to relax and enjoy.

We recommend hiring a caterer if you plan on having more then 20 guests. You and your family won’t be able to fully enjoy yourselves if you are all running around ensuring your guests are all fed.

Start with your food budget and see which caterers fit your price range. It’s possible that you can negotiate with some caterers as quotes are usually ‘cost per head’, by substituting something on the menu.

A wide and varied menu is usually preferred, especially one that caters for special dietary requirements. If they don’t have what you want, then look elsewhere.

Don’t just take the caterers’ word– if any are unable or unwilling to provide proof of where they source their ingredients then you should have concerns. Check their references.

Need help with your event planning? LimeLight Expressions would love to help with your big day. We offer a one-stop event planning solution for all of you event planning needs. Now you’re in the LimeLight!

Planning a Graduation Party – An awesome send off for your high school grad!


Graduation is right around the corner. Your son or daughter will be throwing the cap off and getting ready to rock their new college environment. Why not bring it in the right way and step into the LimeLight?

A “Trunk Party” is the perfect send off.  A trunk party is more of a going away party that also helps you, the parent, save a little cash. The idea of a trunk party is to get those dorm room necessities and toiletries your college freshman will need to make it through the first year.

Here are some great ways to personalize a trunk party for your college bound teen:

The decorations are always the fun part. Start with using their college colors for plates and napkins; as well as center pieces with bouquet of lollipops using the same collegent color scheme. You can also hang up a school flag or integrate the schools mascot into the decor, whether it is a bear or a cornhusker!

Place empty envelopes on a table with blank sheets of college ruled paper. Next, create unfinished sentences written on the front of each envelope like: “Open When you’re feeling discouraged…” Or “Open when you need to know how much I love you…” or “Open when you’ve aced your first test…” The party guest will choose an envelope with the unfinished sentence and finish it for your college bound teen to read when they are feeling homesick.

And don’t forget to make this a moment that is truly unforgettable for your high school grad.

These fantastic and cool party ideas are only a few. Don’t think you could do it on your own? We would love to help plan this very special send off with you. For more great tricks of the trade from Limelight Expressions, please subscribe to our blog.

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Planning for the Holidays


When planning any event, there is a laundry list of items to consider, and that list may get even longer when you are planning something for your co-workers or corporate clients, especially during the busyness of the Holiday season. One very important task of planning your to-do list is choosing the right people to assist in your holiday party planning process.

When choosing companies to assist in your holiday party needs, always think local first. Not only do you support the local community but also you have the added benefit of having better customer service. They can meet face-to-face as well as get you your product or service more efficiently.

One local company that can make your holiday party planning a little less stressful is LimeLight Expressions. They are a family-owned and operated, based in Omaha, NE. They can assist you with everything from invitations to décor or your full on event planning needs from start to finish, so you can enjoy, relax and show your employees, co-workers or clients a wonderful time without all the hassle of planning your event during the holiday season.

A holiday party is to show your appreciation to your employees, co-workers or clients for the hard work or the business they have done with you throughout the year. But, planning a unique holiday party takes good preparation and organization.

LimeLight Expressions is a full service event planning and design company that can put you in the limelight for the holidays with unique party ideas. Want some holiday party ideas that will have your guests talking throughout the years? Consider these:

Entertainment: Creating the right atmosphere for any event is key. Why not create an electrifying atmosphere with a live band or DJ for your holiday party.

Did you know some of the top live bands are right here in Omaha? It’s true! We have unbelievable live bands that will not only create an uplifting atmosphere but will have the dance floor swinging all night long. By supporting a local band, you will not only show your in touch with the local community and are supporting it but you will have the bonus of an impressive corporate image.

If you’re having an employee appreciation holiday party and want a little more of the team-building atmosphere, think of things that will get everyone up and moving around. There are great interactive game shows that can be set up at local venues or even in a home setting. Local scavenger hunts are a great way to not only see the great sites of Omaha but also give employees a time to bond and have some fun.

LimeLight Expressions can assist in all your entertainment needs for your holiday party from disc jockeys, to a live band or full interactive entertainment.

Ice Sculpture: For unique and fun centerpieces or a rare adult beverage dispenser, who doesn’t love a creative ice sculpture? Ice sculptures are a real crowd pleaser and if a sculpture isn’t big enough for you, how about your company logo in ice or an entire bar of ice.

Cook-Off: If involvement is what you seek, then tickle your guests’ taste buds with a little fancy feast.

We have amazing culinary artists in town that are remarkable. Not only can they come in and do a cooking demonstration for you but also you can have your guests participate. It is a fun interactive way to learn new recipes and participate as a group or allow a top chef to cook for your guests.

Flair: Have you ever seen flair bartending or flairtending? It is a fun way to WOW your guests and get delicious cocktails for the entire evening. It is sure to please all your guests as they juggle, flip and flame through the evening.

Theme: A holiday party theme is a wonderful way to really have fun and get your guests involved. Find a theme that makes it interesting to come to your event.

Everyone loves the ugly sweater parties and winter wonderlands. If your budget allows, allow your home or venue escape to a unique setting of wonder. This is a sure way to make your holiday party different and your guests will be talking about your event for years to come. Plus, the invitations with your one-of-a-kind theme will peak your guests’ interest to mark their calendars right away.

If you want some additional holiday party ideas or want to try one of these suggestions but just not sure where to start, contact LimeLight Expressions to assist in your holiday planning.

The benefits of planning a holiday party are to show your appreciation to your guests and thank them for everything they have done. It really does make a difference for your employees, co-workers or clients but planning can be stressful so call the experts to help you make a truly memorable event.

LimeLight Expressions is a unique family owned business in that they can assist in your entire event planning needs from holidays, weddings to corporate parties. Everything they do is customized to the individual or business from invitations to decorations, they have you covered.

If you still need those Holiday cards either personal or business or even Holiday party invitations, think of LimeLight Expressions. Everything they design is hand drawn and completely unique for you.

Plus, you’re not only receiving a quality product or service with LimeLight Expressions but you support a local business and the local community. Every dollar spent with LimeLight Expressions, 10% of the net proceeds goes to a charity of your choice and during the holiday season, 20% of all net proceeds go back to the local community.

Let LimeLight Expressions put you in the limelight by thinking outside the box for you and making your holiday party something that your guests will truly remember.

Read the full article about LimeLight Expressions in the Strictly Business Magazine.

The owner of LimeLight Expressions, Kimmylea also appears on the cover of the Strictly Business Magazine this month.

Your Holiday Party Checklist

Strictly Business Magazine’s October issue features LimeLight Expressions as your Holiday Expert.

Here is your Holiday Party Checklist:

Set that Date: Start by planning your personal or business holiday party early so that your guests save the date. With many other events during the Holidays, you want to make sure your party is at the top of mind. LimeLight Expressions can assist in making a unique and memorable event that your guests will be talking about for years.

Create a Budget: Every event has a budget and Holiday parties can get expensive. A budget allows you to stay on track with your projected expenses and compare them to your actual expenses.

Select a Venue: The number of guests that you will be inviting will determine your venue accommodations. The venue should complement your holiday décor vision. Determine if the venue is more accommodating for a buffet-style meal or cocktail service. Holiday parties are often held in a home for that personal touch.  Whether your event will be held in a ballroom or at home, LimeLight Expressions can help you with all the details no matter the size of event.

Theme: A holiday party doesn’t necessarily have to have a theme, as the holidays are a great theme in itself! However, themes help you plan decorations, invitations and even the menu. Holiday themes can range from ugly sweater parties to Winter Wonderlands.

Invitations: Creating the invitations is an important step and sets the entire mood for your event. Paper invitations instead of electronic invitations are such a wonderful touch in today’s technologically savvy world. Create an invitation that is unforgettable and makes the guests not want to miss out on your party. Whether you need holiday party invitations or custom holiday cards, both personal and business, think of one place that has it all–LimeLight Expressions.

LimeLight Expressions can assist you with any holiday needs from event planning, family portraits and Christmas cards, both personal and business. They truly are a one-stop shop for all of your needs. They custom tailor your event and cards to your specifications and personality, designing an event and invitations/cards that are truly unforgettable. Call LimeLight Expressions today or visit them online to begin planning your holiday cheer! Creating images, memories and moments for your holiday season is their specialty and pleasure.

Read the full article in the October issue of Strictly Business Magazine.

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Giving Back

mda2    sam

LimeLight Expressions loves to help the community.

We have been helping the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) the last couple of years to plan the annual carnival event. It is an event that 100% of the proceeds goes to the local chapter of the MDA so a cure can be found for those suffering from this muscle disease.

This Saturday, August 17, 2013 is the 4th Annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Carnival Event! There will be plenty of fun for the entire family including Live Music by M.E.M.O.I.R.E., Jason Hinze and the popular cover band, High Heel, a mechanical bull, Husker players signing autographs, hot air balloon rides, face painting, magic shows, live animals, carnival games and more! Plus, you can’t miss the amazing FIRE ACT!

101.9FM, the Big O, will be having a live broadcast to giveaway some great prizes.

Don’t miss this summer fun and support a wonderful cause.

If you are in the Omaha area, come see what all the talk is about from 6:00-10:00pm this Saturday at 214th & Pacific Street in the Ranch View Estates neighborhood. Additional parking can be found at the Elkhorn Valley View Middle School off 208th & Pacific Street.

LimeLight Expressions also gives 10% of their net proceeds back to local charities of the customer’s choice.

It’s all about giving back!

Party Planner for Kids’ Combination Parties

invite   ark-cake


Whether you are trying to save on money or you have boy and girl twins or children, combination parties can be a huge success when done right. We would know, LimeLight Expressions is an award-winning event planning company and the owner; Kimmylea is a mother of toddler boy and girl twins.

There are 3 simple steps you need to follow when having a combination party to make it as unique as the guests of honor.

1. A theme will set the precedence for everything from the invitations to the décor. Make sure it is a theme that shows the personalities of the guests of honor.   For instance, we just had a 2-year-old birthday party for these precious boy and girl twins. The theme was Noah’s Ark, as the animals on the Ark were paired in two’s, the twins also came in two and they were turning 2-years old. The invitation read: Like the Animals of the Ark, they came to us by Twos!

As the children grow, they may have their own ideas about the themes. Just because the themes do not match, doesn’t mean you cannot do them. If one child wants a cowboy and one wants a princess, make it a dress up theme.

However, there are so many great boy/girl combinations that you are sure to find a crowd pleaser. Just think: cowboys and cowgirl or Indian, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Princess and Frog or Knight and the list goes on.

2. Invitations allow the guests to know the theme of the party, and it sets the mood of how everything will flow for the happy event. Have fun and be creative with the invitations. Allow the kids to get dressed up and make the invitations customized! Just because they are custom invitations, doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Plus, invitations are a wonderful keepsake.

3. Decorations can incorporate so much personality. Allow the decorations to fit the theme and the personalities of the guests of honor. There are many fun things to do, especially at a children’s birthday to be incorporated from the party favors to the actual food to the yummy cake. Have the food fit the theme, just as much as the décor. For example: When we had the Noah’s Ark theme, we had a fruit platter that was shaped like a rainbow and the cake was a 3-dimensional ark cake with animals paired in two’s.

The most important thing to a combination party is to allow the personalities of the guests of honor to shine. Don’t feel challenged by combination parties, they are a great way to not only save money but also have a uniquely different party.

Want creative ideas for your next event or custom invitations? Contact us at 402.915.3534 or email us at info@LimeLightExpressions.com. Capturing Images, Memories and Moments for Your Events! www.LimeLightExpressions.com

Dressed to the nines at LimeLight Expressions!

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