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Colors of 2018

The New Year is finally with us and dancers are lining up to perform in many venues all around the world for unique events.  This means that the designers of dance costumes have been busy creating new trends. Although nailing down the color of the year is not easy, dancers usually go with a trending color.

All events have a color palette that you theme your event around. In 2017, dance collections for events featured many bold colors but this year you should look forward to softer colors that are more romantic. The hottest color of the year so far is dusty rose. Last year, rose gold was the color for everyone. Women’s clothes, jewelry, and phones all had this beautiful color but it is time for a change. According the owner of Alexandra Costumes, dusty rose is the new color to watch out for. These color trends go for all events including weddings too. So, let’s talk more about these trending colors.

Benefits of Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is very feminine, which is why many women will fall in love with it. The color softens your skin tone thanks to its subtle pink hue. It also supports the nude color palette that is ideal for creating a chic and understated look for any event. You can enhance this trendy color with metallic ones such as bronze, silver, and gold.

If you want a more dramatic look, you should go for event colors that have a black or navy blue trim. Since pink has been showing up everywhere lately, it is no wonder that it has made it into the world of events. If you are after a subtle romantic look, you should opt for this trendy color because it will bring out your femininity.

Other Trendy Colors

In this year, you will also see a comeback of 90s colors such as hot pink, red, royal purple, and coral. You should also watch out for brightly colored jackets, midriff shirts, and leggings with matching shoes. In 2018, events will be all about romance so you should expect to see colors that are more romantic in any venue.

Softness and beauty will be front and center this year but you will also see many tribal designs. When it comes to unique performance at an event, the colors that you should watch out for are smoky gray, camel, and deep olive greens.

If you are looking for something new this year, you should go for open front skirts. They leave the front open while giving you a bit of coverage on the back area. When paired with the right top, these skirts give you a modest but sexy look.

Contemporary and Jazz Trends

Mesh is everywhere that you turn. This year, you should be on the lookout for mesh with tribal and floral designs as well as mesh overlays. Everything is about illusion and romance this year. You should use mesh to add texture as well as to give the illusion of coverage.

This year, you will appreciate the cut, colors, and creativity that designers have decided to create. So, be unique and bold designing your next event. Ask an event planner to get involved to be able to make the most incredible event and experience for you and your guests.

Now You’re in the LimeLight!

A wedding planner or a day of coordinator? That is the question…


Couples often ask – What is the difference between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator? More times then not, once each role is explained, they know exactly which route they want to take.

This is a decision that should be guided by wedding scope, location of the wedding, time management and budget. However, you will rarely speak to a bride or groom who regretted their decision to hire a planner or a day of coordinator. Most will tell you that their planner or day of coordinator helped them save money and relax on their big day.

So what are the differences between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator? 

Lets start with what a wedding planner offers you.

A professional wedding planner is your personal consultant, with a wide stemmed focus on every detail in curating your dream wedding. Planners are there for the initial stages of organizing the details of the wedding including providing the client with venue options, reviewing contracts, researching and recommending suppliers. They also help with all of the wedding day preparation, like creating an itinerary/timeline, organizing your ceremony rehearsal, confirming details with all contracted vendors. It is the job of a wedding planner to be present for every decision.

Ask yourself these questions to decide if a Full-Service Planner might be for you. 

Are you unsure about how to plan a budget for your wedding?
Do you have a busy job that will make finding time to plan your wedding challenging?
Are you unsure about interviewing, negotiating contracts and hiring wedding vendors?
Do you need help creating a look for the wedding?
Will you be getting married in a city where you don’t live?
Do you like the idea of collaborating with a wedding professional on all of your plans?
Do you feel it might be overwhelming to be in charge during the weeks prior to and on the wedding day?

For couples who have done all the planning for their wedding, a popular service is hiring a Day-Of Coordinator to oversee the details.

It is sometimes referred to as “Month-Of” because the wedding coordinator will commence their services about 4 weeks prior to the wedding day. To get familiar with your wedding plans, usually 1-2 meetings are needed to go through the itinerary, to see to the last minute details and what has been discussed with vendors. No matter what the service is called, these meetings are vital to communicate your vision and expectations for your special day. Along with this preparation is having the wedding coordinator present at your wedding rehearsal, so that that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the ceremony.

On the wedding day, the main role of the day of coordinator is to ensure that your plans are carried out smoothly and to discreetly handle any problems that may arise.This also means you can arrive to a perfectly set up ceremony and reception, since your coordinator will have already arrived in advance to make sure it is set up properly. They are also the liaison between you and the vendors.

Ask yourself these questions to decide if a Day-Of Planner may be a good fit for you. 

Do you like the idea of organizing every aspect of the wedding, including budgeting, creating a look, negotiating, interviewing and hiring vendors?
Do you have people in your life who will help you with the day-to-day tasks of planning a wedding?
Are you comfortable with choosing a color scheme and creating the vision for your wedding day?
Do you feel it might be overwhelming to be in charge during the weeks prior to and on the wedding day?