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Schedule A Fall Family Photography Session with LimeLight Expressions!

As much as we love summer, I think Fall must be one of our favorite seasons! We love the mild, windy weather, right before it turns really cold as well as the the beautiful red, gold and orange colors on the trees. It’s a great season for taking photographs of your child too, so in order to make the most of this beautiful time of year here’s a little checklist of some ideas for fall photo sessions! If you would like to schedule a Fall photo session, call LimeLight Expressions! We would love to photograph your family in the beautiful colors of Fall!

  • Standing or sitting under a fall-colored tree
  • Kicking a pile of leaves
  • All wrapped up in a cosy sweater and hat
  • Silhouette at fall sunset
  • Throwing leaves up into the air
  • Looking at the fall colors through a window
  • Sitting under an apple tree with the fallen apples
  • Lying back in the leaves
  • Child doing a leaf angel
  • Playing in a golden wheat field
  • With a basket or crate of apples, pumpkins or corn
  • Running through a patch of dry leaves
  • Playing out in the first frost

Now You’re In The LimeLight!

Unique Halloween Dinner Party Ideas



Here are some really unique ideas for spicing up your Halloween party this year! Instead of a Halloween costume party this year, why not try a murder mystery party or a themed ball? Creating a cohesive interactive theme may encourage guests to play along as characters.

A Murder Mystery Dinner

A murder mystery dinner party fits the Halloween theme and also offers built-in entertainment. Various murder mystery kits are available at game stores and online. The kits include all of the information needed for the party, including character descriptions and scripts. Mail scripts to each party guest ahead of time, so everyone knows what role they are playing. The guests arrive in character for an evening of dining and entertainment.

LimeLight Expressions can even hire a murder mystery group to come to your event. The actors really get your guests involved in the fun and keep the entertainment going throughout the night until the mystery is solved.

Also, the menu can complement the murder mystery you select. A murder at a mansion might feature elegant dishes with several courses; while a murder that takes place in the Wild West may have baked beans and roasted pork sandwiches.

A Themed Halloween Ball

A Halloween ball can incorporate many different themes with a creative twist. Each guest can attend wearing formal ball attire, such as dresses and suits, but the host(s) can also have their guests dress in theme. A themed Halloween ball includes a dinner or appetizers before dancing all night under the full moon.

Choose a variety of colored foods to incorporate with the theme of Halloween. Signature drinks like Bloody Mary’s and cranberry juice beverages are always a crowd pleaser. Fun Halloween desserts like spiders, shaped cookies and red velvet cake are always great for a late night snack!

Thinking of hosting a Halloween party this year? Whether it is a fundraising event, big bash or a house party, LimeLight Expressions can help take your party to the next level!

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers – LimeLight Expressions – Event planning in Omaha


There are literally thousands of types of flowers, and infinite combinations of colors and arrangements that you can create with them. So how do you narrow it down to the perfect blooms for your wedding? Start with these basic, must-know tips.

Focus your flower budget on the areas of your wedding that will be in the spotlight. Your bouquet, reception centerpieces and a signature element at the ceremony are very important.

Find out what flowers are in season on your wedding day. Some flowers just aren’t available at certain times of the year (or are very expensive) so make sure you take this into consideration when choosing which flowers to incorporate into your bouquet.

Color is key, particularly with whites, ivories and creams. There are so many different shades; your florists can recommend the right type of bloom to work well with the exact color of your dress, and to compliment your bridesmaid’s dresses. Remember to take swatches if you have them.

Try to incorporate flowers that might have a personal meaning to either you or another family member. If you have a family heirloom such as an antique brooch, a lace hanky or something else to work into your something old, new, borrowed and blue, ask your florist to add it into the top of the stems.

Pictures of your bouquet are lovely to have so make sure you ask your photographer to do some close ups. Bouquets photograph particularly well propped up in pretty chairs or placing them to the side of your wedding cake.

If you need help with important wedding decisions, like choosing flower arrangement styles, colors and florists, call LimeLight Expressions. We will make it simple for you on your special day. Now you’re in the LimeLight!

Relationship Building


Client entertainment is an important part of building good relationships with your customers. When you get to know your customers in a more personal setting, they tend to not only remember you more, but they really want to do more business with their “friend”.

In its simplest form, client entertainment is taking your client out for lunch or coffee. It’s about offering your best clients, or strategically targeted clients, some form of social activity that shows you appreciate their business.

Some companies have larger budgets and will pull out all the stops to entertain their clients. Different types of client entertainment include a simple dinner at a decent restaurant right up to steaks that you can cut with the fork, a box at the Husker football game, impressive tickets for a highly desirable concert or even a client appreciate event for more mingling with your most valued or potential customers.

The benefits of client entertainment can be seen in all different levels. Every client is different, some want to be wowed by your superior client entertainment, others will offer you their business just because you fulfill their needs.

LimeLight Expressions is a full-service event planning, photography and design company. We can fulfill your needs and help you impress your customers with a tailored event specifically for your company, showing that appreciation to your clients.

LimeLight Expressions can even create memorable customized marketing materials to fit your needs and gain the exposure that you have been looking for in your business.

No matter how you entertain your clients, LimeLight Expressions says that it comes down to three simple points:

  1. Fulfill your Customer Needs
  2. Give a Quality Product or Service
  3. Always have Exceptional Customer Service

LimeLight Expressions is family owned and operated company with over 7 years of experience in the Omaha area. We know exactly how to build great relationships. Let us help you brand your business and bring in the customers, so you can build those lasting relationships and put you in the LimeLight.

See the full article of Entertaining your Clients in the Strictly Business Magazine.

Under the Veil – your guide to choosing a wedding veil style!















There are lots of options for brides, depending on your dress style and length (and color!) and the general look and feel you are going for on your big day. Of course, you may not want to wear a veil at all, but if you do, read on!

Tips & Helpful Hints

  • Unless you are wearing a family veil or similar, make sure you buy your dress before you start thinking about veils as not all of them will suit the look you go for.
  • Even if you don’t think you’re a ‘veil person’, try one on at your fitting. It is 100% the best way to make your mom and bridesmaids start crying (in a good way).
  • When you go to your hair trial (and in some cases your actual hair appointment on the day) make sure you bring your veil with you. If your hairdresser puts it into place for you, make sure one of your bridesmaids is on hand watching so she can assist later in the evening.

Types of veils

Blusher is a term sometimes used for shoulder-length veils, but technically a blusher is the bit that stands in front of your face as you walk down the aisle, and that can be any length from birdcage to much longer. This is the one that your father lifts when he presents you to your husband.

Birdcage veils are the shortest length, and have enjoyed huge popularity in the last few years. There’s quite a bit of variety within birdcage veils but they’re usually worn just covering the eyes or extending down to the chin. Super stylish and low-hassle.

Shoulder-length veils are less commonly found these days, but are perfect for a fashion-forward bride, especially if you have detailing on your dress that you’d like to show off, but still want that dash of tradition. A fun version of the shoulder-length is the flyaway veil, which has more than one layer and just brushes the shoulders.

Elbow-length veils They’re elegant and easy to handle, and when combined with a blusher are very romantic without the hassle of carrying a full-length train around with you. These are perfect if you are wearing a full dress as they end just about at the point where the skirt of your gown begins, which is super-flattering.

If you loved Kate Middleton’s look, than fingertip-length is the one for you. This is the veil that flatters most brides and their dresses, and as a result is the most popular. A safe bet and an extremely pretty one.

Ballet-length is one of my favorites. You get much of the prettiness of the longer veil varieties, without worrying about tripping over yourself. Also called waltz-length (because you can still dance in it), it falls anywhere between the knee and ankle.

Chapel-length veils go all the way to the ground (it’s sometimes called a sweep veil), and may drape a little but does not have a train. This is one for formal weddings, and is incredibly romantic and elegant. You will definitely feel like a princess in this style veil. It’s often combined with a blusher and/or an elbow-length veil for two-or three-tiered loveliness!

The juliet cap is a look we are just seeing start to take off again, with both Kate Moss and Lily Allen sporting the look at their weddings last year. It’s very chic – after all, wedding style goddess Grace Kelly did it, so it must be a winner!

Pouf veils (tulle that gathers to a hairpiece, creating height) aren’t every bride’s cup of tea, but they can be gorgeous with the right gown. They are often used to add a bit of vintage 1960’s flair to an ensemble. Bold and beautiful.

Now you’re in the LimeLight for wedding veils!